Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Valentine Kissing Ideas and Tips

Kissing is an art of expressing your love and affection. But a passionate kiss gives feel of desire of warming deep love to have coziness in the relation and make each other comfortable. Its a part of every person's life to kiss partner with feel. On special days, people enjoy having different style kiss to add hot and determined feel. Not only touching of lips work but your soft handy movement add beauty to each other. Here, we present different Valentine Kissing Ideas and Tips to experiment with your dear partner.

  • Kissing the neck or earlobe : Truly, its a best piece to kiss and adore your partner and present your desire for a happy love making.
  • Forehead : Kissing your partner's forehead denotes your affectionate feel and worry for the love of your life.
  • Fingers and Toes : You can bring spicy hot environment to your love enjoyment by fingers and toes and blowing air after that to bring sizzling feel to your partner.
Use every body part while kissing. Your body needs to be very soft handed and passionate. Be little innovative and experimental to have new varieties of kisses and ideas to have romantic feel in between the two of you.

art of kissing for valentines day

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